New Web Conferencing Partner

TurboBridge is focused on providing high quality audio conferencing services. Businesses use audio conferencing all day long to connect their customers, employees and suppliers and our goal is to provide an easy to use affordable service. TurboBridge was designed as a web service, hence we provide you all the tools necessary to manage your account and conferences online and make changes at any time, with no need to contact us for assistance.

We often get customer inquiries about whether TurboBridge offers web conferencing. The short answer is we don’t. The longer answer is we do! In addition to our retail services, TurboBridge provides wholesale audio conferencing services to a number of other companies who integrate our conferencing with their other solutions.

We’re pleased to announce that, a provider of web conferencing, uses TurboBridge for the audio conferencing portion of their service. is a service offered by the well known LogMeIn company. has developed a very innovative web conferencing collaboration service with many of the same attributes of TurboBridge. Mainly, is a simple easy to use web conferencing service. It’s easy to set up or schedule a conference, easy for your participants to join and easy for the presenter to present. There’s much to recommend about when compared to the older traditional web collaboration services which often required everyone to download a big application and offered numerous features that were difficult to use.

But we left the best part for last. The basic service is FREE.

Yes, free, it’s easy to sign-up at and includes free toll conferencing as well (powered by TurboBridge).  Look for to expand their offering with additional services for a small monthly fee but their intent is for the basic service to remain free. There’s no reason not to try this fantastic service today!