TurboBridge open Voice API

TurboBridge conferencing is built using our powerful voice engine. In fact, TurboBridge is nothing more than an application written using our published API for the voice engine.  We custom built our voice engine first because we wanted the most amount of flexibility, scalability and reliability. This all sounds like a lot of ability and in fact it is.

What you’re seeing today is the retail version of TurboBridge, we wrote an application to provide enterprise telephone audio conference. But we also provide services to a number of other companies who have their own demands for a telephony application. Perhaps they need their own special conferencing feature, a special announcement, unique calling handling. Whatever the desired application, it’s easy enough for a 3rd party developer to interact with the TurboBridge platform using standard web protocols, things that any web developer understands!

TurboBridge actually is called into service for much more than conferencing. Our voice engine is used for various IVR applications, outbound calling and unique telephony applications. The developer can focus on creating their application and we focus on providing a reliable platform with interfaces to multiple types of networks including the good ole telephone network.

If you’re a 3rd party developer, looking for a system to manage your applications interaction with an audio network, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for our published API to learn more about the capabilities of our back office systems.