Welcome HiDef Conferencing customers!

Several previous HiDef Conferencing customers have advised us that they were notified that HiDef Conferencing (which was purchased by Citrix Go2Meeting) will be ceasing their conferencing service in early 2012. We’ve gotten a lot of phone calls and new customers since then and we’d like to welcome these former HiDef Conferencing to TurboBridge!

TurboBridge is unique in that we offer access to your conference bridge via Skype. This is great for people who are traveling international where it may be expensive to call in or also great for those who working away at their computer already. We all know what Skype is and how it works and it’s a comfortable program to use.

TurboBridge offers a host of access methods (and no you don’t need a computer to use TurboBridge). TurboBridge has access telephone numbers throughout the US, Canada and various international locations. Access via our popular TurboPhone (via your Internet Explorer browser) and as well SIP (if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry). SIP is for IP telephones and IP-enabled office PBX systems.

HiDef Conferencing was offering Skype access on an unlimited basis and at one point TurboBridge did as well. However, business conditions changed with Skype (which was recently acquired by Microsoft) and as a result, we’ve had to start charging for Skype access to TurboBridge¬† (at a low $0.01 per minute per participant, note there is no charge for the Skype user to reach TurboBridge, sort of like a toll free call). Skype users using the Skypeout service can access TurboBridge using any our normal telephone numbers (in this case, the caller will pay Skype on a per minute basis).

TurboBridge is a great value and our fully automated systems allow us to keep prices low and quality high and while we’d like to offer Skype on an unlimited basis, simple matter Skype’s pricing to us won’t allow that (though we can always hope for a change).

So welcome HiDef Conferencing customers to TurboBridge and we’re happy you found us.