Get a custom number, it’s easy!


If you’re using conferencing for your business on a regular basis, it’s a professional touch to offer callers a personalized greeting welcoming them to YOUR company and conference.  It’s easy to do this with a custom local toll or toll free number that is unique to your company. Ordering this custom number is easy, fast and low …

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Personal Service

Every company likes to talk about customer service. Namely that they have the best customer service, “continually ranked” highest by some research firm you’ve never heard of. This sort of talk is usually accompanied by some happy face of someone talking on the phone. Does any company promote they have bad customer service (or maybe …

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TurboBridge open Voice API

TurboBridge conferencing is built using our powerful voice engine. In fact, TurboBridge is nothing more than an application written using our published API for the voice engine.  We custom built our voice engine first because we wanted the most amount of flexibility, scalability and reliability. This all sounds like a lot of ability and in fact it …

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