Get a custom number, it’s easy!

If you’re using conferencing for your business on a regular basis, it’s a professional touch to offer callers a personalized greeting welcoming them to YOUR company and conference.  It’s easy to do this with a custom local toll or toll free number that is unique to your company. Ordering this custom number is easy, fast and low cost (sometimes taking only a few hours to get set-up). Call TurboBridge sales at 1-888-666-3620 to order today.

This custom number is answered with the personalized greeting you specify and we’ll have it professionally recorded just for you (you can also provide us with your own unique greeting if desired). Callers will hear this greeting at the beginning of the conference and then enter any of your corporate assigned conference IDs.

You can get multiple numbers for various cities around the US (and the world, if desired). While these custom numbers are unique to your account, callers can also use any of the multitude of TurboBridge dial-in numbers and access methods (including SIP, Skype) to access your conference ID’s (though without your custom greeting). This ensures that all callers will have a convenient way to access your conferences.

Need more customization? Just give us a call! TurboBridge’s platform is designed to accommodate your needs and we can work with you on an individual basis to provide your company a unique and high quality experience.