TurboBridge Status

In the box to the right of this posting, you’ll see a new enhancement which shows the status of the TurboBridge systems. ¬†At the time of this posting, all is well, we’re keeping our fingers crossed though!

When we created TurboBridge as a company, we wanted to be upfront in our information, easy to do business and offer a good value on what seems to be a fairly standard business tool, telephone conferencing. However, not many companies are so forthcoming with their information. We decided to be different.

While TurboBridge is built using 100% of our own technology, we’re reliant on a host of other suppliers in our daily operation. This includes various telephone companies to whom we’re directly connected with, large name brand Internet backbone providers who provide connectivity to us and Class “A” data centers (big dark buildings with no windows) that house our servers and provide supposedly uninterrupted power to keep us going. If any one of these suppliers has a problem, it cascades down to us and may ultimately impact service to you.

We monitor vour systems 24 x 7 and generally we’re well aware of an issue long before you notice it. But rather than keep quiet about it, we’re going public with this information. So if you’re a new or prospective customer, we want you to be confident in selecting us for our integrity and honesty. If you’re an existing customer, this is an easy way to check if some problem you’ve encountered is already known by us.

In any event, in this online era, the best, fastest and most reliable way to contact our support staff is via email support (at) turbobridge.com. Have a question, concern, problem or need help — don’t hesitate to contact us.