Personal Service

Every company likes to talk about customer service. Namely that they have the best customer service, “continually ranked” highest by some research firm you’ve never heard of.

This sort of talk is usually accompanied by some happy face of someone talking on the phone. Does any company promote they have bad customer service (or maybe just “ok”)? Who wants to say that?

Unfortunately, you figure out pretty quickly how serious that company is. Mostly they’re eager to take your money, but try and get any service support and you find yourself pounding your telephone to get a live person on the phone or an answer to what you thought must have been a simple question.

At TurboBridge, we do in fact take customer service seriously. Customer service to us is pretty simple, answer the phone or respond to emails in a prompt manner, try and resolve the issue as quickly as possible to the satisfaction of you (our current or hopeful customer) and if doubt decide in your favor.

While all of TurboBridge’s systems are highly automated, you can control all aspects of your account online, sometimes you might need to talk to someone and we’re here to help. In fact, our customers often tell us how pleasantly surprised at our customer support.  TurboBridge personnel answer all your queries and each is empowered to make it right for you without “consulting” their supervisor or adhering to specific corporate policies. We just want you to be happy!

We strive to be easy to do business with while offering you a great service at a great value. Simplicity is key.